Handmade Terracotta Tile

Production Specification & Warranty

About Our Hand-Painted Tile


Our tile is hand-crafted of a special mixture of clays and adhesives that make it suitable for indoor floor traffic and wall installations. Small imperfections such as tiny cracks and chips that add character to the rustic nature of the material are to be celebrated and will not be considered defective.


Our terracotta is handmade and hand-painted. Like any other artisan made product, color and size variations should be expected from lot to lot and within an order. We cannot guarantee color or shade matching from shipment to shipment. For any add-ons to existing orders, we recommend sending a control sample to minimize variations in color. Images throughout this catalog have been taken in different settings and lighting and may have been digitally enhanced which may affect accurate color representation. We strongly recommend ordering control samples to minimize discrepancy.


Our tiles are suitable for use on residential floors and walls. Depending on the traffic, special care may be needed. Use on kitchen countertops or working surfaces is not recommended since the acidity of liquid spills and excessive heat from cooking utensils may damage the glaze. If using around a fireplace or near a stove (such as kitchen backsplash), care should be taken that our tiles are not exposed to high levels of direct heat as all cook tops vary in heat disbursement. Because we cannot control variables such as proximity of heat to tile, use at own discretion. Crazing or darkening may occur if installed too close to extreme high heats. For similar reasons, our tiles are not suitable for heated floors.

Wet Applications

Our terracotta is suitable for installation on shower walls only, starting installation at least 6” from shower floor. It is not suitable for shower floors, steam showers, saunas, submerged water applications, or water lines. It is always recommended to prepare the surface with a waterproof membrane. Tabarka Studio will not be responsible for material failures resulting from use over a damaged, defective or improperly prepared surface and cannot be held responsible for replacement of tile used in areas with complete water submersion, including but not limited to pools and fountains.

Exterior Use

With the exception of our Parker & Simon and Loggia collections, our terracotta tiles are not recommended for exterior applications. Outdoor installations will not be covered under warranty by Tabarka Studio.


Please do not expose our tile to excessive moisture or soaking at any point, as this will damage the glaze and result in product failure. Our tiles are sealed out of the kiln, so it is not necessary to reseal them prior to grouting. We recommend sealing the grout after installation and regularly thereafter. On floor surfaces, cleaning with a damp mop and mild soap is suggested. On walls you may apply mild cleaning products with a soft sponge. Always avoid the use of abrasive products containing bleach, ammonia and/or paint thinner. Never scrub with rough materials that may scratch the surface. Do not use painter’s tape or adhesive tapes on any of our hand painted products.

Shipment Inspection

It is the responsibility of the client or client’s representatives to thoroughly inspect deliveries upon receipt. It is important to check that received tiles match what was ordered and that no product was damaged. All damage claims must be made within two business days of receipt. If the order was shipped “collect” then the damage claim must be submitted by the party that paid for the shipping. All claims of wrong tiles, including color matching, must be made before installation of the tiles.


Tile should be installed by a professional and licensed tile setter. All tile must be inspected prior to installation as installation means acceptance. We recommend dry laying the tile prior to installation, making sure to blend boxes for best aesthetic results.

Warranty and Limitation of Remedies and Damages

In the unlikely event of product failure, Tabarka Studio will repair and/or replace, at its discretion, the affected area of the materials at a cost not to exceed the original square foot cost of the portion of the material shown to be defective. All claims must be submitted to Tabarka Studio before tear out and re-install begins.

Tabarka Studio will not be responsible for material failures resulting from use over a damaged, defective or improperly prepared surface.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or cracking due to structural movement, excessive deflections or other failures in the substrate or framing, including damage resulting from weather, flood, fire and acts of God.

About Our Wood & Stone

Using different antiquing techniques, we recreate a time-worn look that showcases the beauty and elegance of an antique floor. As wood and stone are natural products, color variation and surface imperfections are inherent characteristics of their natural-made quality and are to be expected and celebrated.

Control samples are given only for color range guidelines. Our customers understand and agree that products can neither be canceled nor returned due to the made-to-order process of our Zenati & Edri Wood & Stone Collection.

Installation and Maintenance Guidelines and our Limited Warranty documents will be provided with your order and are also available upon request.

Do not install until you read Product Specification And Installation Guidelines. Installation constitutes acceptance. Please inspect product upon arrival.

Tabarka Studio uses green certified products and finishes in the manufacturing of the Zenati & Edri Collection. Sustainability in the environment and protection of our Earth’s natural resources are a priority for Tabarka Studio.

Note: This is a product showcase catalogue only. The information mentioned above is a general reference only and it is not a warranty. Please contact Tabarka Studio for our detailed product specification, installation guide and warranty documents.

Tabarka Studio reserves the right to change specifications as we expand our assortment of new possibilities and materials.

About Our Cement Collections

Cement tile is a product that shows variation in color and design; cement tile will not be identical from piece to piece. Collections featuring brass inserts will require additional maintenance both before and after installation. This includes material from the Basel and Kavim collections.

When installed properly, the result of the handmade process and the nature of cement is something to be enjoyed for years to come. Installers should refer to Installation Guidelines for more information.

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