Handmade Terracotta Tile

Our Story

Tabarka began as an adventure: the search for an elusive tile in a centuries-old basement shop in Istanbul. This journey has taken us back to our cultural roots while exploring the most fascinating corners of the world. We find our inspiration in the random, in the most daily commonplace, and in the most unexpected moments.

After years of specializing in terracotta, in the spring of 2014, we opened our doors to new possibilities and new materials. We ventured outside the world of clay and glaze into the equally noble world of antiqued woods and very special stones. This expanded assortment continues to elevate our exploration. We seek luxury beyond trend, created with unpretentious materials that evoke the past, find comfort in the present and remain relevant in the future. We are a modern day atelier.

Our original designs together with beautiful timeless materials from around the globe fulfill a brilliant niche in the market.

Tabarka Studio
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