Handmade Terracotta Tile


Petite Alliance

Petite Alliance is the result of our outgoing search for balance and harmony in the old and new, yielding and unyielding, and in beauty far reaching into the past and forward. This water jet is vastly artisan, with a hand made feel unheard of in traditional technique and deeply...

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Strada Collection

We are thrilled to introduce new unique colors and shapes to our beautiful Strada Collection. Handmade cement tiles have been used since the 19th century. This tradition was born in Spain, Italy and France and it continues to offer a timeless decorative versatility for both residential and commercial projects....

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Metallics of June

This collection of metallic glazes on terracotta tiles reflect the junction of natural elements and contemporary design. Each tile is handcrafted from gold, bronze, or silver leaf techniques that capture the tiles’ shimmering beauty, creating a transitional material to use for timeless design.      

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Warm Hues for May

The color palette of May is all about warm hues. As the seasons change and summer begins, we are traveling abroad and finding inspiration for our hand made terracotta tiles through the cities we visit. We are taken by the colors and textures of new and old fabrics, the architecture of...

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