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Luxe Interiors + Design

The latest Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine has a wonderful article about the interiors of La Mamounia designed by Jacques Garcia. “This Turkish bath is a study in luxury materials at its best, further exemplified in the latest offerings  (shown below) of tile and stone.”  Our Corteo 2  is among the collage of tiles below.  To see additional tiles from our Palio collection, see more here. 


Luxe Interiors Clean Breaks


Luxe- Press

Corteo 2 (shown here: royal blue & turquoise on off white)


Antennae Roundup

We’re pleased to see our Arabesco Small featured in Antennae Roundup. Talk about a wonderfully refreshing collection of design ideas!

Antennae Roundup- Press



Arabesco Small (shown here: oxford & off white)

Petite Alliance

Petite Alliance is the result of our outgoing search for balance and harmony in the old and new, yielding and unyielding, and in beauty far reaching into the past and forward. This water jet is vastly artisan, with a hand made feel unheard of in traditional technique and deeply congruent with Tabarka’s point of view.  We are down to earth and so are the materials used in Petite Alliance; stone, wood, terracotta, simple and unpretentious materials. 10 patterns, endless possibilities.


Petite alliance  8

Petite Alliance 8


Petite Alliance View

Petite Alliance 1 | Petite Alliance 2



Petite alliance 6- view

Petite Alliance 6

See more of our Petite Alliance collection 

Strada Collection

We are thrilled to introduce new unique colors and shapes to our beautiful Strada Collection. Handmade cement tiles have been used since the 19th century. This tradition was born in Spain, Italy and France and it continues to offer a timeless decorative versatility for both residential and commercial projects. The beautiful building entrances in Paris, the modernist Barcelona of Guadi, & spectacular villas in Spain and Italy where cement floors are still in use inspire Strada. Still made today with the same techniques as a few centuries ago, our tiles display the natural color & texture variation of pigmented cement. In-stock materials available through Tabarka Home.

Strada 8x8

Strada 8″x 8″- white & cafe



Strada 8″ hex- black, white, oxford & cafe


Strada-6x12 Gray, White II 2

Strada 5 7/8″ x 11 7/8″- gray & oxford



Metallics of June

This collection of metallic glazes on terracotta tiles reflect the junction of natural elements and contemporary design. Each tile is handcrafted from gold, bronze, or silver leaf techniques that capture the tiles’ shimmering beauty, creating a transitional material to use for timeless design.


Byzantine 2 charcoal with bronze inset


Palio 20 Hex

Palio 20 charcoal on gold & gray on silver


Petite Alliance 2- Calacatta, oxford, & Silver

Petite Alliance 2 calacatta, oxford stone & silver


Warm Hues for May

The color palette of May is all about warm hues. As the seasons change and summer begins, we are traveling abroad and finding inspiration for our hand made terracotta tiles through the cities we visit. We are taken by the colors and textures of new and old fabrics, the architecture of distant lands and lively bazaars. We translate these experiences into our unique terracotta tile designs. Enjoy the journey with us!


BYZANTINE 3 saffron

Our Byzantine collection of hand made terracotta tiles create a luxurious backdrop inspired by modern day Istanbul. See more.



Hand made terracotta tiles from our Mediterranean collection include patterns and color from seaside villages. See more.


Petite Alliance 4

Petite Alliance contrasts the warmth of reclaimed wood with the opalescence of unique stone. See more.

Presenting our first wood and stone collections

Petite Alliance 5

Our new Petite Alliance collection combines unique stone, wood, and terracotta.

Tabarka Studio, a global leader in luxury hard surfaces, will unveil four new collections at the Coverings event April 29-May 2 in Las Vegas.

After years of specializing in terracotta, Tabarka Studio is opening their doors to new possibilities and materials, venturing outside the world of clay and glaze into the equally-noble world of antique woods and very special stones.

“Reclaimed wood and antique stone share the timeless appeal and classic look of terracotta,” said Meir Zenati, Tabarka Studio’s founder and creative visionary. “We are captivated by these universally unique materials so deeply embedded in the history and civilization of cultures worldwide.”

Building on Tabarka’s leadership in custom terracotta tiles, the new collections include:

  • Petite Alliance. Petite Alliance is the result of our outgoing search for balance and harmony in the old and new. This water jet is vastly artisan, with a hand-made feel unheard of in a traditional technique and deeply congruent with Tabarka’s point of view. We are down to earth and so are the materials used in Petit Alliance’ stone, wood, and terracotta, simple and unpretentious materials. Ten patterns, endless possibilities.
  • Zenati & Edri Wood Collection and Parquet. Our new range of wood flooring and parquet represent a wide selection of traditional patterns, recreated in Tabarka’s image. These offer endless bespoke options, and we invite you to rediscover the timeless beauty of custom-made parquet.
  • Zenati & Edri Lorca Antiqued Marble. Beautiful, elegant and timeless marble tiles antiqued to perfection. Inspired by the antique floors still found in villas, homes and historic buildings in the south of Spain, Lorca offers a true European, worn, lived on aesthetic.

“The response in our home market of Scottsdale has been wonderful to say the least,” Zenati said of the new collections. “We’re excited to expand availability through our showroom and dealer partners around the globe in the coming year.”