Tabarka Blog: unique stone

Studio news, design trends, and thoughts from our creative director Meir Zenati.

Trending in February: Infusions Of Red

Now that February is here, we’re feeling the influence of Valentines Day. Red, the most passionate hue in the color spectrum is a favorite choice of Designers looking to make a statement. For a month in 1949, Rothko went to the Museum of Modern Art to stand in front of Matisse’s “ L’atelier Rouge,” which… Read more »

Presenting our first wood and stone collections

Tabarka Studio, a global leader in luxury hard surfaces, will unveil four new collections at the Coverings event April 29-May 2 in Las Vegas. After years of specializing in terracotta, Tabarka Studio is opening their doors to new possibilities and materials, venturing outside the world of clay and glaze into the equally-noble world of antique… Read more »