Tabarka Blog: Announcements

Studio news, design trends, and thoughts from our creative director Meir Zenati.

New Collection: Basel

This new terrazzo collection is both classic and contemporary with a profound impact from a rich historical landscape. Captivating for all aesthetics, this material is universal in its design and suitable for all applications. The best of Lorca’s Noi and Strada cement are married in this collection with brass inlay, positioning Basel as a fresh… Read more »

New Collection: Parker & Simon

Parker & Simon is our captivating new range of high fire mid-century modern tile inspired by California and her bold color palettes mixed with cool natural notes. This tile is absolutely diverse in function and opens our doors to broader possibilities in outdoor and submerged applications. Parker & Simon is limitless in function & creativity.

Petite Alliance

Our search for luxury beyond trend results in our expanded collection of Petite Alliance. The union of terracotta, wood, stone and metallic leaf in mosaic is found repeatedly in antiquity and so deeply meaningful to today’s modern luxury. This collection captures timeless, elegant geometry and chic, sophisticated organic shapes in limitless amalgamation of materials alternatives…. Read more »

Zenati & Edri Wood Collection

Our new range of parquet represents a wide selection of traditional patterns recreated in Tabarka’s image. These offer endless bespoke options, and we invite you to rediscover the timeless beauty of custom parquet. We welcome you to explore our newest passion, Zenati & Edri collection.          

Petite Alliance

Petite Alliance is the result of our outgoing search for balance and harmony in the old and new, yielding and unyielding, and in beauty far reaching into the past and forward. This water jet is vastly artisan, with a hand made feel unheard of in traditional technique and deeply congruent with Tabarka’s point of view…. Read more »

Strada Collection

We are thrilled to introduce new unique colors and shapes to our beautiful Strada Collection. Handmade cement tiles have been used since the 19th century. This tradition was born in Spain, Italy and France and it continues to offer a timeless decorative versatility for both residential and commercial projects. The beautiful building entrances in Paris,… Read more »

Presenting our first wood and stone collections

Tabarka Studio, a global leader in luxury hard surfaces, will unveil four new collections at the Coverings event April 29-May 2 in Las Vegas. After years of specializing in terracotta, Tabarka Studio is opening their doors to new possibilities and materials, venturing outside the world of clay and glaze into the equally-noble world of antique… Read more »