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November 2017 Palette of the Month



What We’re Falling For

A Lavish Assemblage of Autumn-Inspired Hues

“The tints of autumn…a mighty flower garden blossoming under the spell of the enchanter, frost.”

— John Greenleaf Whittierd

Maison Margiela Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris green

We often think of spring as a time for new beginnings, but fall is also an opportunity to shed the old and start anew. The turning of a new leaf — whether a small or dramatic change — can be an empowering and exhilarating process.

Invigorated by the crisp air, we’re falling for bold pops of reds, oranges and yellows paired with the warm, rich neutral of tans and browns as well as a splash of muted greens this month.

zaha pink-green gold



New Collection: Basel


This new terrazzo collection is both classic and contemporary with a profound impact from a rich historical landscape. Captivating for all aesthetics, this material is universal in its design and suitable for all applications. The best of Lorca’s Noi and Strada cement are married in this collection with brass inlay, positioning Basel as a fresh and creative design
unparalleled and unfounded in the market elsewhere.


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.18.47 AM

Basel is a hand-made terrazzo with geometric patterns and brass, playing homage to the aesthetic of the 1950’s Basel Street in the old North of Tel Aviv. Basel Street is a hub of sophistication, with a very European-looking square of cafés and shops that inspire us to this day. Join us in celebrating Tabarka’s newest creation.




Trending in February: Infusions Of Red

Now that February is here, we’re feeling the influence of Valentines Day. Red, the most passionate hue in the color spectrum is a favorite choice of Designers looking to make a statement.


For a month in 1949, Rothko went to the Museum of Modern Art to stand in front of Matisse’s “ L’atelier Rouge,” which the museum had newly acquired. Looking at it, he said, “you became that color, you became totally saturated with it.”


“The most visually potent of all colors, red connotes passion and energy. Like a red lip, red nails or a red handbag, red is a timeless accent that draws attention right where you want it. When it comes to art or accessories, I revel in a shot of red, and I’m a sucker for a red door. To me, red is a neutral; a classic essential to any interior.”
-Caroline of DeCesare Design Group, Inc.


Do our February decor trends have you feeling inspired? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Tell us all about them in the comments below!

October 2016 Palette of the Month



Bright, Bold & Beautiful: Green

“I’ve got this absolute passion for green. It’s such a rich, vibrant, exciting color that seems to transcend all the trends, and it works equally well in modern or traditional environments. Like putting a plant in a room, it brings life to a space.
Everything feels fresher and takes on this luxurious vibe.”

-Matryn Lawrence Bullard


Maison Margiela Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Show in Paris green zaha pink-green gold green-chair



Elle Decor September 2016 Issue

Elle Decor- Tool Box

Thank you Elle Decor for the beautiful spread in the September issue of ‘Tool Box.’  “Inspired by the luxurious look of vintage luggage, Tabarka Studio created it’s new line of Orly flooring, a modern take on traditional parquet that unites engieered French oak with sleek metal accents.”

New Collection: Parker & Simon


Parker & Simon is our captivating new range of high fire mid-century modern tile inspired by California and her bold color palettes mixed with cool natural notes. This tile is absolutely diverse in function and opens our doors to broader possibilities in outdoor and submerged applications. Parker & Simon is limitless in function & creativity.

palm springs

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.18.47 AM





Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.20.21 AM


May 2016 Palette of the Month


In a complicated world, there’s something reassuring about black-and-white. It’s simple, modern, cool and clean. Whether you dress head to toe in this classic color palette or love the sophistication it brings into your home, black-and-white is the perfect partnership of classic design.



may palette 2016

black & white

may 2016 palette 2

may palette 2016 3

orly 7

a priori

may 2016 palette 4


January 2016 Palette of the Month


We celebrate Pantone 2016 Color of the Year:

Rose Quartz & Serenity

These colors evoke a balance between a warm rose & tranquil blue. Their pastel hues give an enchanted touch to any ambiance: light, elegant & delicate. From subtle to full splash, the pairing of Rose Quartz & Serenity bring calmness & peace to any space.

Jan 16' palette


Jan. 16' Palette

picket- pastel hues

Noblesse in uva Fan shape in robins egg

Phoenix Home & Garden December 2015 Issue

Tabarka Studio antique doors are featured in the December issue of Phoenix Home & Garden.  The reclaimed doors from Europe serve as an elegant backdrop for the Southwest style wreaths designed by Kris Giner.  Reclaimed doors available to shop at the Tabarka Studio showroom in Scottsdale, Arizona.


door 3 Door 4 Door 1

Architectural Digest November 2015 Issue

New collection Rue des Rosiers is featured in the ‘Essentials’ list of Architectural Digest November issue. The line has both geometric and floral influences. Collection coming out in January!


Arch. Digest RR

RDR 1 in mezzanote & dark stain on silver | RDR 3 in charcoal & oxford on lavan | RDR 11 in oxford on gold | RDR 16 in lavan & paprika on brushed mezzanote on lavan

Elle Decor November 2015 Issue

We celebrate our two newest collections, Zaha & Rue des Rosiers. These two collections fill a missing void in available design today. As seen in the latest issue of Elle Decor, these collections have both geometric & floral influences. Rue des Rosiers not only has significant historical relevance but is also famous for fashion with an eclectic prevalence of boutiques ranging from quaint to sleek & modern luxury. Vintage Japanese textiles acquired while shopping on Rue des Rosiers influenced our inspiration for many of these new patterns.

Collections available to shop in January!

Elle Decor

RDR 13 in charcaol & paprika on brushed mezzzanote on lavan | RDR 15 in mezzanote on brushed gray on silver | RDR 21 in charcoal & paprika on off white

House Beautiful October 2015 Issue

Known for his exuberant style, Ken Fulk transformed this party-loving family’s New Orleans home to a spectacular showhouse. We’re swooning over the kitchen where Adama tile in bustan is used. The look of old brick adds a sense of history. Thank you House Beautiful for featuring us in the October 2015 issue.


Scan 11


Scan 13



Petite Alliance


Our search for luxury beyond trend results in our expanded collection of Petite Alliance. The union of terracotta, wood, stone and metallic leaf in mosaic is found repeatedly in antiquity and so deeply meaningful to today’s modern luxury. This collection captures timeless, elegant geometry and chic, sophisticated organic shapes in limitless amalgamation of materials alternatives. Creativity realized.

Petite Alliance 5


Petite Alliance 1




Su Casa Spring 2015 Issue

What’s not to love seeing our Mediterranean 5 & 6 featured in this gorgeous master bathroom! Moll Anderson designed her Santa Fe bathroom with functionality and the “wow” factor in mind. Anderson explains, “The bathroom still had to be multifunctional to make a difference for my husband and me-meaning it needed a closet, laundry room, and a place to take long lingering baths and showers. Bu hiding all the necessities behind doors and upping the ‘wow factor’… my bath is both functional and ‘Santa Fe seductive’.”


Su Casa Magazine



Shown here: Mediterranean 5 in charcoal & gray on off white



Shown here: Mediterranean 6 in charcoal on off white

April 2015 Palette of the Month


“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things  in a different way.”

-Edward de Bono


Palio II



pattern 2

Grafico 1

Sultana : Install

“Bold patterns are designed to ‘engage your senses’ and ‘ push boundaries.” Use them as a design tool to create a focal point, compensate for inadequate architecture or lackluster walls. I find patterns which repeat a single graphic never loose their novelty… when in doubt follow your initials instincts, muster some courage and go for it!

-Holly Ogden of Wiseman & Gale Interiors

Paris Metro 1 :Install

Palio Install

touareg 8

March 2015 Palette of the Month


Text copy

March Palette of the Month

Nord 2 in gray, petel, honey & mocka on off white


March palette 2

Polanco 3

Polanco 3 in mocka & charcoal on off white



March palette 3

March palette 4

Petite Alliance 8 in calacatta & laforet aged oak



Touareg 6 in mocka & honey on off white


March palette 5 copy

Fan Shape in off white | Corteo 2 in dark stain & caramelo on off white

text 2 copy

H. Ryan Studio

February 2015 Palette of the Month

Tabarka Red

 “Red is the first color of spring. It’s the real color of rebirth. Of beginning.”

– Ally Condie

Tile red

red dress

Red 3


“The most visually potent of all colors, red connotes passion and energy. Like a red lip, red nails or a red handbag, red is a timeless accent that draws attention right where you want it. When it comes to art or accessories, I revel in a shot of red, and I’m a sucker for a red door. To me, red is a neutral; a classic essential to any interior.”
-Caroline Tyler DeCesare of DeCesare Design Group, Inc.

Feb Newsletter

PM 14 Install

From our Paris Metro collection, Genevieve Gorder’s renovation.

January 2015 Palette of the Month

Tabarka Stduio

“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”

-Vincent Van Gogh

Yellow in Design

Palio 22

Touareg 3

Tabarka Artisan Tile


“How can anyone feel gloomy when there is yellow in a room? It is the color of nature- sunshine, flowers, and fall leaves. No wonder it gives our spirits a lift! Yellow looks as good in traditional setting as in a guest bath and its warm brightness offers a beautiful contrast to the gray & neutrals of the moment.”

– Patis Vester of Vester Studio of Design

Yellow II

Tabarka Install

Luxe Interiors + Design

Featured in the latest Luxe Interiors + Design, a Phoenix retreat gets a lively makeover filled with bright colors, patterns & textures. Designer Holly Ogden & Patty Burdick of Wiseman & Gale Interiors gives personality to the room by using one of our 16th century limestone fireplaces, bright hues and graphic patterns.


Luxe Interiors + Design

Antique 16th Century Limestone Fireplace

Zenati & Edri Wood Collection

Tabarka Studio Cover

Our new range of parquet represents a wide selection of traditional patterns recreated in Tabarka’s image. These offer endless bespoke options, and we invite you to rediscover the timeless beauty of custom parquet.

We welcome you to explore our newest passion,
Zenati & Edri collection.

ZEP 12

ZEP 12


ZEP 13

ZEP 13





ZEP 19

ZEP 19


Inspiration Wood Install


ZEP 21


Lorca & Parquet

Lorca & Parquet

A Black & White Story


black & white

“It is wonderful how much depends upon the relations of black and white… A black and white, if properly balanced suggests color.”

-Winslow Homer

mag 18

Grafico 1 & 2


Zig Zag Lrg

“Effortlessly chic and timeless, nothing transcends time periods or aesthetics quite like black & white. Pair with rough hewn woods and aged leathers for a relaxed elegance. Opt for gold fixtures and hardware and touches of lucite to instantly catapult a space into the glam realm.”
– Lindsey Schultz of Lindsey Schultz Design

floor 1

Soothing Neurtrals

As much as well all crave color, there is something equally wonderful with a palette of soothing neutrals and abundant textures. These spaces exude timeless elegance.


Sultana in off white



Lombardia 1 in latte, mocka & saffron on off white



ZEP 7, finish: limburg, mozet, larochette, & blamont



Paris Metro 15 in off white & mocka on gold leaf


Strada 8x8

Strada 8″x8″ in cafe & white

Elle Decor

In the latest issue of Elle Decor you can find our Tabarka Signature artisan tile in “The Kitchen Conquers All” feature.  Tabarka Signature is used as the flooring in celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s Hamptons kitchen. “Over the past century, the kitchen has evolved from hidden domain of servants and put-upon housewives to the heart of the american home.”


elle decor



Tabarka Signature in gray on off white

Ultramarine Blue

“Never has a pigment better named than

the ultramarine blue. Fashionable,

even today,  in its nomenclature. It is ultra in every way.”

-Karen Fitgerald


Hexagon in mezzanote on off white



Maghreb 4 in charcoal & turquoise on off white


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.16.35 AM

Tangier Zellige in noir, cobalt blue & lavan



Galatea in mezzanote on off white


touareg 2 mezzanotte & oxford

Touareg 2 mezzanote & oxford

Luxe Interiors + Design

The latest Luxe Interiors + Design magazine features our Tabarka Studio terra-cotta tile.  Scottsdale designer Jana Parker Lee of Wiseman and Gale Interiors installed a reclaimed-steel hood, terracotta tiles, and salvaged barn wood shelves creating an enchanting culinary haven.


Luxe Interiors Design 2 Luxe Interiors Design

Welcome Home

September is the feeling of summer passing. From hues of chocolate browns and honey to burnt oranges and pinot, all these colors connote richness, peace, and bring new meaning to the words “welcome home.” Autumn is largely about nostalgia and the promise of change. It is a season imbued with warmth and comfort. We call on the light and glow of autumn’s hospitality for inspiration in color and texture, grounded in these well anticipated changes.  

Join us.

ZEP Scala

ZEP 13



Adama 7


ZEP 12

ZEP 12


Tabarka Studio

Touareg 4 | Levantine 4



Petite Alliance 4



Marrakech Shape

Su Casa Magazine

Our custom Mediterranean 26 hand-painted terracotta tiles are featured in the latest issue of Su Casa Magazine.  Boni Armijo of Building Adventures Unlimited, renovated this southwestern old home in the Camino del Sol Historic District in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thank you for including us in your project!


Su Casa Magazine



Shown here: Mediterranean 26 in charcoal on off white


House Beautiful

San Francisco designer Ken Fulk used our Contessa Arabesco from Walker Zanger in this gorgeous master bath.  Fulk inspiration was Moorish mood, and went straight for it with exotic glamour. This beautiful design was featured in the September 2011 issue of House Beautiful Magazine as ‘Bath of the Month’.


House Beautiful  2 House Beautiful- B 2

Cottage Living Magazine

Our custom decorative terracotta tiles are used as the stair risers in this home featured in Cottage Living Magazine 2008 issue. “Used throughout the house to highlight authentic architectural elements, the decorative tile risers are perfect match for the wrought iron banister.” Thank you Cottage Living Magazine for including us in your feature!


Cottage Living 2008

House Beautiful

We’re pleased to see our custom terracotta tile featured in the latest September 2014 issue of House Beautiful Magazine. Designer Erika Powell used our fan shape in this kitchen inspired by the ocean’s shimmery hues in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. “The fish-scale pattern seemed appropriate for a house by the shore, it’s a mermaid twist in a traditional kitchen.”

House Beautiful Pg.1
House Beautiful Pg.2

Shown here: Fan shape in Robin’s Egg.


tabarka studio- fan shape

Fan Shape

Gray Today

The chameleon among colors, gray, a refined neutral. The new beige that simply works well in any aesthetic. Depending on the the shade, it can be cool and calming, while darker tones create a sultry mood. But most definitely all shades of gray will prevail. Life isn’t black or white, it’s a million gray beautiful areas, don’t you find?


Masia Gray


P.A. 5

Petite Alliance 5



Tabarka Signature in gray on off white



ZEP 21


Touareg 7 oxford & gray-2

Touareg 7 in oxford & gray on off white



Lorca marble in gray & white


Tabarka2- Nord 7

Nord 7 installed as master bath floor.



Home & Design Magazine

What’s not to love about being featured in Home & Design Magazine! Our Mediterranean 10 hand-painted terracotta tile looks stunning installed as the stair riser in this residential home. Thank you Home & Design for including us in your feature!

Home & Design 2008

Phoenix Home & Garden

Our Moliere 3 featured below in the Phoenix Home & Garden magazine exemplifies how a pop of coral brings warmth and vibrance to a room. This adored color can be used successfully as an accent or even as a primary color when muted or combined with a harmonious color.


Tabarka- Press 1

Shown here: Moliere 3 in coral & charcoal on off white

Cottage Living

Tabarka Studio’s hand-painted decorative tiles are featured in Cottage Living, October 2008 issue. What a refreshing array of design ideas; 12 rooms, 100’s of ideas!

Cottage Living 2008

Above range: Sultana charcoal on off white


Cottage Living 10-08

Shown here: Tabarka Studio decorative tile in charcoal on off white

Western Interiors Magazine

We’re delighted to see our  Maghreb 16 artisan terracotta tile featured in Western Interiors Magazine, “Shine On” article.  To view more metallic tiles, visit here.


Tabarka Studio-Western Interiors

Maghreb 16, shown here: gray, charcoal & paprika